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ASSY®plus A2 Decking construction screw

AW ASSYplus terrace stnlss stl A2 PT cntr cnsnk AW

Art.-no. 0166115550

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ASSY®plus A2 Decking construction screw

Art.-no. 0166115550

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x1000 pcs

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For precise fastening of decking boards. Many types of wood can be processed without pre-drilling thanks to the drill tip.

Precise positioning and no splitting

Precise positioning of the screw is no problem at all thanks to its centring drilling tip, which was specially designed for this purpose. The drilling cutting edges guarantee perfect drilling performance, just like a Forstner bit. They also prevent irritating splitting or rupturing of the wood.

Clean and easy countersinking

Countersinking the small countersunk head is clean and easy, thanks to its small diameter. The under-head milling pockets pick up protruding chips. However, with tropical hardwood, countersinking of the surface is recommended, as these types of wood have very short chips.

Extremely robust

The grooved shaft provides for additional screw strength as austenitic stainless steel (A2/A4) cannot be hardened. This virtually eliminates the possibility of the screw tearing off.

AW drive for optimum locating and power transfer

The AW drive guarantees an excellent fit of the bit in the screw drive. This prevents wobbling impacts and sliding of the bit from the screw while screwing in.


Screwing down hardwood patio boards

Preliminary tests are required for hardwood. Pre-drilling of the wood may be necessary depending on the density and moisture level of the wood. It is recommended that the processing device be operated at a low speed.

When using these screws, the ETA-11/0190 specifications must be observed.

Available work documents:

Timber dimensioning software, load tables and detailed processing instructions can be found on the service page www.wuerth.de/assy.

Proof of Performance


Application area

The range of applications of the various stainless steels is contained in the following ISER (German Information Office for Rustproof Stainless Steel, Non-Rusting Steels for Various Environmental Conditions, www.edelstahl-rostfrei.de, Information Sheet 828) table. Rustproof stainless steels (e.g. material no. 1.4016) are recommended there for use in atmospheric processes only for use in a rural environment, and here as well only with great restrictions. We therefore recommend only using austenitic stainless steels for outdoor applications, taking the environmental conditions into account. Stainless steel A4 is especially suitable for use in an industrial atmosphere and for use near the sea.

Nominal diameter (d)

5.5 mm

Length (l)

50 mm

Thread length (lg)

23 mm

Head type

Raised countersunk head

Screw-thread length with drill tip (b)

27.5 mm

Head diameter (dh)

7.7 mm

Head height (k)

3.4 mm

Internal drive


Head details

Milling pockets

Thread type

Wood screw thread

Thread design

Partial thread


With shaft

Thread format

Single thread

Core diameter

3.6 mm

Shape of tip

Drilling tip


Stainless steel A2



Max. screw-in angle

90 Degree

Min. screw-in angle

0 Degree

Suitable for use in the following materials

Board ply wood (BSP)
Derived timber product

Area of application

Element construction
Wet areas
Timber construction
Timber panel construction
Structural woodwork
Play equipment
Board walk

Additional accessory

Countersink with depth stop