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Multi-range compressor oil Pro

Multi-grade compressor oil Pro

Art.-no. 0892764123

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Multi-range compressor oil Pro

Art.-no. 0892764123

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High-value synthetic oil with additive specifically tailored for use in air-conditioning compressor technology

Compatible with following refrigerants: R 23, R 125, R 134a, R1234yf, R 227, R 413a, R 407c, R 410a, R 404a, R 507, R 744.

Can be mixed with PAG oil and ester oil

One oil for all applications

Excellent lubrication effect

  • Longer compressor service life

  • High level of refrigerant compression in the compressor

Product information

Wurth Catalogue(X)

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Safety data sheet

Application area

For universal maintenance and lubrication of vehicle air-conditioning compressors in the refrigerant circuit.


Topping up compressor oil to the quantity recommended by the vehicle manufacturer and transferring it to the air-conditioning circuit via the air-conditioning service unit.


1000 ml

Chemical basis



0.979 g/cm³

Density conditions

at 20°C

Kinematic oil basis viscosity

85 cSt

Conditions for viscosity of oil basis

at 40°C, in accordance with ASTM D-445

VOC concentration (CH)

0 %

Min. flashing point

282 °C

Art.-no. Cust. Mat. No.

Hazardous Material

Product information

Wurth Catalogue

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