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The Wurth eShop is an intuitive electronic catalogue and ordering system which is accessible via the Wurth website. Available 24/7, the eShop enables access to more than 20,000 products, article descriptions, application information and vital Safety Data Sheets.

The eShop offers the possibility of efficient ordering through the use of scanners. The benefits are endless – customers can generate shopping baskets, create budgets, manage cost centres and define approval processes.

  • Simple article searches (including combinations of search criteria and commonly referred terms)
  • Search and display catalogue pages and your current individualised pricing
  • Easy ordering and parcel tracking
  • Assign and manage approval rights
  • Order products 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Orders are immediately forwarded to our logistics team for delivery
  • Implement cost centres and controlling mechanisms that are relevant to your business
  • Purchase products using a credit card or your Wurth account.
Logistics/Delivery Logistics and delivery as you need it!

When ordering, you can decide whether you want the goods conveniently shipped to your home, company address or directly to the construction site. All parcels can be accurately tracked.

    Customer Account Customisation

    The ‘My Account’ function allows customers to create individual user accounts with different rights, budgets and cost centres. If several team members are using the eShop, individual functionalities are useful and also allow the administrator to keep track of orders and expenses.

    With customer account customisation, you can also:
    • Re-print invoices and delivery notes
    • Manage order value limits
    • Have full control over budgeting and approval workflows
    Professional Features

    Imagine a range of specific functions to help your business. From customer-specific pricing, order templates and individual customer material numbers, it’s no problem – we can do it!

    We keep our promise and deliver complimentary additional services.
    • Customised price agreements
    • Order templates at the customer or user level
    • Statements of customer material numbers
    • Inventory functions
    • Offer management, allowing for Purchase Orders and ultimate control.
    Process Optimisation

    With electronic procurement, you can optimise and profit from your procurement processes. Whether it’s small parts or cost intensive A-articles, the internal time and cost expenditure is always the same. The internal process costs associated with C-Parts exceed the actual value of the goods many times over. From order confirmation and acceptance of the goods, to the inspection of the delivery and comparison of the invoice, everything must be recorded and processed in the accounting system. With such a manual process, it takes up a lot of time - and time is money!

    Our solutions for your process optimisation:
    • Order files in various formats such as cXML, csv, x12, EDIFACT and SAP Standard IDoc
    • Electronic invoice data formats
    • E-Procurement functions per punchout with e.g. OCI, IDS, Ariba, cXML or ComNorm
    Consulting & Contact

    We can offer the following consulting and contact solutions:
    • Administration of offers and quotes
    • Up to date contact details of your Sales Representative
    • Guided tutorials on functionalities
    • The ability to talk directly with our friendly Customer Service Team via phone during business hours.

    Do you have further questions about the eShop, our products or prior orders? We are happy to help you – please contact 1300 65 77 65 (Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5:00pm).