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Basic zinc protection Zink spray, light

Basic zinc protection METAL-LIGHT-ZINK

Art.-no. 0893114

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Basic zinc protection Zink spray, light

Art.-no. 0893114

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x1 pcs

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Additional barrier protection from zinc flakes
  • Cold galvanising

  • Protects against rust

  • Abrasion-resistant

  • Spot-weldable

  • Cathodic corrosion protection

Store in a dry place and at room temperature (15 - 25°C), minimum shelf life two years.

Product information

Wurth Catalogue(X)

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Safety data sheet


Application area

Suitable for repairing damage due to machining and rusty areas on galvanised parts and steel structures. Ideally suited for a high-quality metal primer.


400 ml

Chemical basis

Modified alkyd resin


Silver coloured

Min. curing time

10 h

Fully hardening/curing conditions


Max. curing time

12 h

Resistance in salt-spray test

240 h

Max. temperature resistance

240 °C

Dust-drying time

12 min

Dry layer thickness (first back-and-forth motion)

20 µm

Conditions for dust-drying time

at 20°C

Zinc content in the dry film

44 %

Zinc content in the paint

21 %

Zinc content in the pigment

99.9 %

Coating thickness

30 µm

Grip strength conditions

at 20°C

Substrates with good adhesion

Ferrous metals
Zinc sheets

Spot weldable


Cross-cut test

MAN 0-1

Max. grip strength

20 min

Min. grip strength

15 min

Min./max. grip strength

15-20 min

Shelf life from production

30 Month

Conditions to maintain shelf life from production

frost-free storage area, no exposure to sunlight

Min. flashing point

21 °C

Hazardous Material

Product information

Wurth Catalogue

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