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Concrete screw, stud screw W-BS/A4

Concrete screw W-BS A4 type ST, stainless steel A4

Art.-no. 5929261060

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Concrete screw, stud screw W-BS/A4

Art.-no. 5929261060

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x25 pcs

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Ideal for outdoor accessories which must be uninstalled again, stainless steel A4

Extremely flexible to use

Three anchoring depths (sizes 6 – 14) and a large variety of types

Fastening can be adjusted up to twice after installation

(Sizes 8 – 14), for example in order to align railings or anchor plates (please refer to the assembly guide in the approval or the enclosed leaflet)

  • High load-bearing capacities

  • Virtually no expansion effect, enabling minimal axis and edge distances to be maintained

  • Very quick and easy to install

  • No installation torque required

  • Immediate load-bearing capacity – no waiting

From size 8, we recommend the use of a suitable tangential impact screwdriver for installation.

If several anchors are arranged behind each other in the same load direction, only one anchor is positioned for transverse loads.

Product information

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CAD Data (available after login)

Application area

Individual attachment

Standard concrete C20/25 to C50/60 (cracked and non-cracked concrete, seismic performance category C1 for sizes 8–14)

Ideal for attachments for which removal of the attached part is required. Suitable for attaching

e.g. steel constructions, supports, beams, fencing systems, barriers

Can be used in concrete < C20/25 and compression-proof natural stone (without approval)

W-BS/A4 (A4 stainless steel) approved for use in dry indoor areas and also outdoors (including industrial atmospheres and coastal areas) or in damp rooms, provided that no particularly aggressive conditions are present

Anchor size

10 mm

Thread diameter

12 mm

Anchor length (l)

140 mm

Connection thread


Attachment height (t fix 1)

60 mm

Attachment height (t fix 2)

40 mm

Attachment height (t fix 3)

30 mm

Nominal drill-bit diameter (d 0)

10 mm

Drill hole depth (h 1.1)

65 mm

Drill hole depth (h 1.2)

85 mm

Drill hole depth (h 1.3)

95 mm

Embedding depth (h nom1)

55 mm

Embedding depth (h nom2)

75 mm

Embedding depth (h nom3)

85 mm

External drive



Stainless steel A4, 1.4401

Hazardous Material

Product information

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