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Movement detection paint

Movement detection paint

Art.-no. 0893741452

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Movement detection paint

Art.-no. 0893741452

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Solvent-free locking, marking and sealing lacquer with good adhesion to virtually all materials

High temperature resistance up to min. 145°C

Also suitable for outdoor use

High insulation resistance

As a covering for electrically conductive parts

High mechanical strength

But can still be removed

No corrosion

Good resistance to water, limited resistance to oil, petrol and diesel

Solvent and silicone-free

Practical accordion bottle

  • Easy handling

  • Better residue removal

  • No clogging of the tip
Application area

Suitable for visually inspecting all possible movements between attached, calibrated parts. Thanks to the lacquer seal, quality assurance, production control and product testing are documented and thus protected against interventions by third parties. The screw locking varnish is used on stud bolts, compression fittings, nuts and other threaded connections once they have been properly pre-tensioned and calibrated. Additionally, the product can be used to cover electrically conductive parts, to protect against corrosion and impact due to contact. And for colour-coding tools. For mechanics who often work in different workshops, or with lots of other colleagues in one workshop.


For optimal adhesion, oil, grease, moisture and rust must be thoroughly cleaned from the surface with metal cleaner 7063 (art. no. 0890107063).

Apply/drip directly onto the area to be secured. Product residue and contaminants can be removed with acetone cleaner (art. no. 0893460). The bottle should be tightly closed after each use.


Colza Yellow RAL 1021


50 ml


0.99 g/cm³ / at 20°C, 50% relative humidity

Min. initial strength

30 min

Min./max. final strength

12-24 h

Min./max. processing temperature

5 to 30 °C

Min./max. temperature resistance

-40 to 145 °C





Shelf life from production/conditions

24 Month / cool and dry storage area, in sealed original container

Hazardous Material

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