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OAT coolant concentrate

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OAT coolant concentrate

An ethylene glycol based fluid with non-depleting OAT corrosion inhibitors that provides maintenance-free protection against freezing, boiling and corrosion

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  • Compatible with all engine metals including aluminium and ferrous metals.

  • Excellent cavitation protection resulting in reduced repairs to the thermostat, radiator and water pump.

  • The heat of the internal combustion is transferred via the fluid to the radiator which is cooled by the means of air flow.

  • Suitable for light loaded engine vehicles.

  • The long life properties is obtained through the use of virtually non-depleting corrosion inhibitors.
  • The use of galvanised steel is not recommended for pipes or any other part of the storage/mixing installation.

  • Mixtures with more than 70 vol.% concentrate or less than 33 vol.% in water are not recommended.

  • Clean and soft water is strongly preferred for the dilution.

  • These instructions are only recommendations, which are based on our experience. We advise preliminary testing before use.

  • Please refer to the manufacturers manual and instructions
  • Ford specification WSS-M97B44-D

  • Mercedes-Benz specification 325.3

  • General Motors specification GM 6277M

  • MAN specification 324 type SNF

  • Scania specification TB 1451

  • Volkswagen specification TL 774F