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Stoneware drill polygon shaft
Stoneware drill polygon shaft  - 1
Stoneware drill polygon shaft  - 2
Stoneware drill polygon shaft  - 3

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Stoneware drill polygon shaft

The ideal solution, even for extremely hard porcelain stoneware tiles up to Mohs/scratch hardness 9, as well as glass and porcelain.

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Exclusively for registered customers

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Specially designed carbide plate geometry (multi-surface precision grinding)

Precise drilling

Precise, chip-free drilling

New polygon shaft

No slippage in the drill chuck

Optimal torque transmission

Drill depth indicator

The coloured ring indicates the ideal drilling depth

No cooling required

Dry drilling

  • Max. Speed: Diameter 5 mm (800 rpm), diameter 6 and 8 mm (600 rpm), diameter 10 and 12 mm (400 rpm), diameter 14 mm (200 rpm)

  • Not suitable for impact drilling. For rotary drilling only!

  • Optimum contact pressure: 35–45 kg

  • If the recommended drilling speed is observed and the optimum contact pressure applied, but you can no longer hear a scraping sound, the drill bit has reached the end of its service life.

  • Avoid placing high contact pressure on the drill bit when it is not rotating → Risk of breakage!

  • Contact pressure too low and/or drilling speed too high → Service life ends prematurely!

  • Avoid tilting and swivelling movements during the drilling process → Risk of breakage!

  • We recommend drilling test holes (ideally in waste material from the tiles to be drilled)

  • If the 14-mm diameter drill bit is used, pre-drilling must be carried out with an additional drill bit (8 mm).