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Transparent PUR glue

PUR Glue and dosing system

Art.-no. 0892100180

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Transparent PUR glue

Art.-no. 0892100180

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In dispensing system

Highly resistant to water

Tested D4 quality in accordance with DIN/EN 204. Tested by the Institut für Fenstertechnik e.V., (German Institute for Window Technology) in Rosenheim

High thermal stability

For high-strength outdoor bonded connections

Special dispensing cap

The twist-off cap enables clean working without the nozzle getting clogged and allows the cap to be closed quickly

For universal use

For structural production of moisture-resistant windows, door frame and cassette gluing, stairs, hand rails etc. Also highly suitable for higher wood moistures


Foaming allows the adhesive to easily bridge gaps

No risk of discolouration

Discolouration is also prevented on woods with a high proportion of tannic acid


Preliminary tests should be carried out to ascertain that the appropriate adhesion properties are achieved for the relevant design and wood type.

For ash, we recommend a substrate pre-treatment with Adhesion Plus plastic/stone/wood (art. no. 089010062).

Oily woods should be glued immediately after processing in order to minimise the risk of formation of a separating layer.

Refer to the overview table for technical data

Product information

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Safety data sheet

Application area

Indoor use with frequent exposure to draining water or condensation water as well as many types of wood in outdoor use with adequate surface protection

  • For gluing door frames and cartridges

  • For gluing windows, frame joints and laminated profiles and those connected in length by finger joints

  • Steps and balustrades, handrails

  • Frame bonding

  • Balcony railings, garden furniture and fences

  • Assembly, surface, floorboards and blocks

  • Joints on MDF boards

  • Stationary edge coating with veneers and solid wood strips

  • Soft, hard, exotic woods and chipboard

  • Mineral construction panels, ceramic materials, concretes and rigid foams

  • Many types of plastic, metals and metal sheets on absorbent substrates

Application instructions:

  • Apply a thin layer of PUR glue on one side directly from the bottle or use the spatula to apply it to the less porous side

  • The surfaces to be bonded must be clean and free from grease. Remove any release agents from plastic surfaces

  • The gluing gap must not exceed 0.2 mm as the wider the gap, the lower the bonding strength

  • Remove fresh glue splashes with PU cleaner. Older glue residues can only be removed mechanically. Close the bottle after use. Protect from frost

  • The adhesive hardens with moisture. However, the wood moisture should not exceed 14%. At least one of the substrates to be adhered should be absorbent. If neither substrate contains the moisture necessary to produce a reaction, the adhesive surface in front of the joint should be moistened slightly. Grind down smooth substrates

  • Pressing force must be applied during the connection process, as this ensures sufficient contact of the adhesive surface. The higher the pressing force, the higher the subsequent load capacity. You will be able to work with the glued part after 2 to 3 hours. Final adhesion takes up to 7 days

  • The processing time and the setting time are heavily dependent on the working conditions, e.g. the temperatures, moisture and absorption levels of the materials, application quantities and tensions in the material

Weight of content

500 g



Chemical basis



1.12 g/cm³


Transparent/slightly cloudy (hardened)

Min. proportion of solids

98 %

Min. film forming temperature

5 °C


3000 mPas

Viscosity conditions


Stress group


Min./max. wood moisture

8-14 %

Conditions for open time

at 20°C and 150 g/m²

Min. press-setting time of glue

60 min

Conditions for press-setting time of glue

at 20°C

Min. pressing pressure

0.1 N/mm²

Max. pressing pressure

0.6 N/mm²

Min./max. temperature resistance of the hardened material

-30 to 100 °C

Min./max. processing temperature

10 to 20 °C

Max. application quantity in surface bonding

220 g/m²

Shelf life from production

12 Month

Conditions to maintain shelf life from production

cool and dry storage area

Art.-no. ! common.detail.customermaterialnumber !

Hazardous Material

Product information

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