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Ultra 2040

Multi-purpose lubricant Ultra 2040 Light

Art.-no. 0890085021

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Ultra 2040

Art.-no. 0890085021

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Multi-purpose penetrant, lubricant and water displacer containing PTFE for long-term lubrication.

Lubricant containing PTFE

  • Provides long term lubrication for locks, runners, guides and other items prone to wear

  • Prevents squeaking and creaking noises, e.g. door hinges

Rust penetrating agent with superb capillary action

  • Outstanding creep properties ensures product penetrates into the tightest tolerances to provide lubrication

  • Loosens seized and rusted parts

Displaces moisture

  • Ideal for insulating electrical systems

  • Perfect for use as a contact spray

  • Improves electrical conductivity and eliminates leakage currents

  • Drives water out of electrics

  • Prevents corrosion

Corrosion protection

  • Outstanding adhesive properties on metal

  • A thin, viscous protective film prevents moisture at even the slightest unevenness

  • Effectively protects against rust and corrosion

Silicone free

  • Safe to use around bodyshops

Gives a shine to surfaces

  • Helps to restore original lustre

  • Ideal for detailing inside and outside of vehicle

This information is only a recommendation based on our experience. Preliminary testing required.

Product information

Wurth Catalogue(X)

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Application area
  • Displaces moisture from all electrical systems.

  • Lubricates door hinges, locks and fuel caps.

  • Lubricates window and seat runners.

  • Loosens seized or rusted parts and fasteners.

  • Stops squeaking and creaking noises.

  • Lubricates bicycle chains and gear assemblies.

  • Cleans and protects plastic and metal parts.

  • Prevents corrosion on metal and electrical assemblies.

  • Penetrates and displaces moisture.

  • Protects and lubricates garden tools, power tools, drill chucks etc.

  • Restores original lustre to vehicle surfaces.

  • Also ideal for boats, caravans and motorcycles.

Spray on the parts to be treated and allow product to work for a short time. For stubborn joints repeat application and allow to work for longer. A protective film of PTFE is left behind. For best results do not wipe off.


20 l



Min./max. temperature conditions

5 to 40 °C

Shelf life from production

24 Month

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Hazardous Material

Product information

Wurth Catalogue

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