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Plastic frame anchor SHARK® UR A4 stainless steel

Plastic frame anchor SHARK UR stainless steel

Art.-no. 5912810505
EAN 4062856741267

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Plastic frame anchor with comprehensive ETA rating for masonry, aerated concrete and concrete. With countersunk head screw made of A4 stainless steel
  • Part of the SHARK® UR product family, which has been tested in connection with more than 100 building materials as part of ETA-08/0190!

  • The SHARK® UR 8 and 10 frame anchors are tested and approved for a total of 105 different base materials. In addition to concrete and aerated concrete, numerous bricks are included in the current most comprehensive ETA assessment, including solid and perforated bricks, hollow calcium silicate blocks and solid calcium silicate blocks, solid and perforated concrete bricks and hollow lightweight concrete blocks

  • Thanks to the ingenious anchor geometry, the "teeth" expand in four directions and claw right down into the base material

  • Anchorage via friction locking between anchor sleeve and base material

  • Anchor sleeve made of high-quality polyamide

  • Immediate load-bearing capacity - no waiting

  • Very strong anti-rotation lock

  • High load capacity thanks to expansion in four directions

  • Improved load transmission through even, continuous load transfer across the entire expansion area

  • The hammer-in stop prevents premature expansion of the anchor during installation

  • Less installation work, as the anchor sleeve and special screw are pre-assembled

  • Improved load transmission in solid and hollow construction materials
Proof of Performance
  • SHARK UR (zinc-plated steel, stainless steel): European Technical Assessment ETA-08/0190

  • Expert report on fire resistance rating in the event of fire exposure
Application area
Wooden substructures

Drill the hole

Remove drill cuttings

Check temperature of anchor sleeve

Check temperature of substrate

Install the anchor and screw with a hammer

Screw in dowel

Screw in screw until flush

  • SHARK UR (zinc-plated steel, stainless steel): European Technical Assessment ETA-08/0190

  • Expert report on fire resistance rating in the event of fire exposure
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Application area
  • The anchor can be used with European Technical Assessment for anchors in non-structural systems based on a redundant design (e.g. façades, suspended ceilings etc.)

  • SHARK UR, SHARK UR F can be anchored in the following base materials: Normal weight concrete masonry walls (solid brick, solid calcium silicate blocks, vertically perforated brick, hollow calcium silicate blocks, hollow lightweight concrete blocks, solid brick and blocks made of lightweight concrete, concrete brick) and aerated concrete

  • Two embedment depths in defined building materials

  • Installation temperatures: Temperature of base material: ≥ -20°C

  • Temperature of anchor sleeve: ≥ 0°C

  • Stainless steel version for outdoor applications or in wet rooms

  • Suitable for attaching façade, ceiling and roof substructures (made of wood or steel), wooden beams, wooden laths, metal brackets, metal rails, suspended ceilings, cable conduits, angle brackets, profiles, wall-mounted cabinets, racks etc.

  • Attachments where proof of load capacity under exposure to fire is required
  • Drill perforated and hollow concrete blocks with a rotary drill (without hammer mechanism)

  • Drill cuttings must be removed from the drill hole, e.g., with the blow-out pump art. no. 0903990001

  • Drilling in concrete with a suction drill saves having to clean the drill hole

Anchor diameter

10 mm

Anchor length (l)

160 mm

Max. attachment height (t fix)

90 mm

Nominal drill-bit diameter (d 0)

10 mm

Through-hole in the component to be connected (d f)

10.5 mm

Fire resistance rating


Material of screw

Stainless steel A4

Internal drive


Surface of the screw


Head type

Countersunk head

Drill hole depth (h 1)

80 mm



Type description

W-UR 10 A4, countersunk head screw

Mounting characteristic values for concrete and masonry for SHARK® UR 10
Anchor diameter [mm]SHARK UR 10
Nom. drill ∅d0 [mm]10
Drill cutting ∅dcut ≤ [mm]10,45
Drill hole depthh1 ≥ [mm]80
Setting depth of the wall plug bodyhnom [mm]70
Through hole in attachment partdf ≤ [mm]10,5
Concrete: ETA-08/0190, Anchors in a non-structural system based on a redundant design
Anchor diameter [mm]
Central tensile load1)
for single anchors or dowel group
Nperm = C12/15 [kN]30°C2)/50°C3)1,0
Nperm ≥ C16/20 [kN]30°C2)/50°C3)1,6
Transverse load1)
for single anchors or dowel group
Vperm ≥ C12/15 [kN] 5,374,99
Zinc-plated steel
A4 stainless steel
Masonry4): ETA-08/0190, multiple attachment of non-load-bearing systems (temperature range 50°C2)/80°C3)). For other types of stone, raw densities, minimum pressure strength or temperature ranges, please refer to the approval ETA-08/0190
Anchor diameter [mm]Brick format [mm]Raw density class [kg/dm3]Minimum compressive strength [N/mm2]Fperm [kN]5) (for single anchors or dowel group) SHARK UR 10
Brick Mz, EN 771-1, DIN 105≥ NF (≥ 240 x 115 x 71)≥ 1.8280,86
Solid sand-lime brick KS,
EN 771-2, DIN 106
≥ NF (≥ 240 x 115 x 71)≥ 2.0100,43
Plain concrete solid brick Vbn,
EN771-3, DIN 18152
≥ NF (≥ 240 x 115 x 71)≥ 2.0100,57
Vertically perforated brick HLz6),
EN 771-1, DIN 105-1
e.g. Wienerberger, Schlagmann
≥ 2DF (≥ 240 x 115 x 113)≥ 1.280,21
Vertically perforated brick POROTON T8-306),
EN 771-1, Z-17.1-982
Wienerberger, Schlagmann
≥ 248 x 300 x 249≥ 0.660,26
Vertically perforated brick POROTON S11-36.56),
EN 771-1, Z-17.1-812
Wienerberger, Schlagmann
≥ 248 x 356 x 249≥ 0.960,43
Hollow sand-lime brick KSL6),
EN 771-2, DIN 106-1
e.g. Xella
≥ 2DF (≥ 240 x 115 x 113)≥ 1.6100,43
≥ 8DF (≥ 249 x 240 x 238)≥ 1.4100,34
Hollow block made of lightweight concrete 3K Hbl,
EN 771-3, DIN 181516) e.g. Liapor
≥ 16DF (≥ 498 x 240 x 238)≥ 0.720,09
Hollow block made of lightweight concrete
EN 771-3, Z-17.1-501
≥ 16DF (≥ 495 x 240 x 238)≥ 0.820,17
Aerated concrete AAC 20,21
Mounting characteristic values for concrete and masonry for SHARK® UR 8
Anchor diameter [mm]SHARK® UR 8
Nominal drill ∅d0 [mm]8
∅ of cutting edgesdcut ≤ [mm]8,45
Drill hole depthh1 ≥ [mm]80
Embedment depth of the anchor sleevehnom [mm]70
Through hole in the attachmentdf ≤ [mm]8,5

Cust. Mat. No.

Hazardous Material

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