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ASSY 3.0 SKII timber screw
ASSY 3.0 SKII timber screw - 1
ASSY 3.0 SKII timber screw - 2

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ASSY 3.0 SKII timber screw

The ASSY 3.0 SKII with a smaller, flat, graduated washer head is designed for universal use in the timber construction/carpentry sector. For applications that require countersinking and effective consolidation.

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Hardened steel, blue passivated (A3K), graduated washer head, AW drive, end mill, partial thread, counter thread

Connects the wood instead of splitting it

Graduated washer head

  • Combines the properties of a countersunk head with those of a washer head. Transmits high forces but can be countersunk

  • Screw head is flush with the surface of the wood

  • Minimises the number of screw variants so that less stock is required

AW drive – more power

  • Optimum power transmission, excellent fit, fast location

  • No wobbling, no damage to surface coating of screw

  • Ideal for overhead work

End mill – the "auxiliary motor" for lower force

  • Reduction of the screw-in and head countersinking torque by approx. 20%, especially with long screws

  • Gentle on your tools and extends the battery life

Asymmetric coarse thread – faster speed

  • Low screw-in torque, high over-turning force

  • Faster screwing than conventional chipboard screws — reduces working time by 30%


Very precise positioning thanks to the 34° tip

Mating thread — less tendency of the wood to split, very few blow-outs

  • Minimal splitting forces, especially when screwing in at edges

  • Reduction of the screw-in torque


  • Blue passivated, A3K, Cr III, min. 8 µm

Do not use the screw in applications exposed directly to the elements, in humid rooms or in atmospheres containing chlorine gas.

For applications outdoors and in rooms which are briefly or constantly subjected to high humidity, please use the stainless steel ASSY 3.0 SK A2 screw, prefix number 0181.

Hardwood must be pre-drilled in accordance with ETA-11/0190.

Use Würth timber construction software to measure the ASSY screws with a diameter of more than 5 mm.

ASSY 3.0 particle board screws are optimised for use in wooden materials.

When used in plastic anchors, a reduction of the load-bearing capacity is possible. Therefore, we recommend only using screws without optimised thread tips (drill bit, mating thread, ring thread, serrated edge, self-clearing groove, etc.) in plastic dowels, e.g. Würth ASSY D, prefix 0151 (countersunk head) and prefix 0153 (pan head).

When using these screws, please comply with ETA-11/0190 specifications.