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ASSY® 3.0 zinc nickel Timber screw
ASSY<SUP>®</SUP> 3.0 zinc nickel Timber screw - 1
ASSY<SUP>®</SUP> 3.0 zinc nickel Timber screw - 2
ASSY<SUP>®</SUP> 3.0 zinc nickel Timber screw - 3
ASSY<SUP>®</SUP> 3.0 zinc nickel Timber screw - 4
ASSY<SUP>®</SUP> 3.0 zinc nickel Timber screw - 5
ASSY<SUP>®</SUP> 3.0 zinc nickel Timber screw - 6

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ASSY® 3.0 zinc nickel Timber screw

For exceptional applications in utilisation classes 1 and 2. Combines the robustness of a steel screw with excellent rust protection thanks to an extremely corrosion-resistant surface in atmospheres containing salt.

  • Nominal diameter: 6 mm
  • Head type: Countersunk head
  • Head diameter: 12 mm
  • Head height: 4.2 mm
  • Head details: Milling pockets
  • Internal drive: AW30
  • Thread type: Wood screw thread
  • Thread design: Partial thread
  • Thread format: Coarse thread
  • Core diameter: 3.9 mm
  • Shape of tip: Tip with counter thread
  • Angle of the tip: 34 Degree
  • Material: Hardened steel
  • Surface: Zinc nickel
  • Colour: Silver
  • Min./max. screw-in angle: 0-90 Degree
  • Suitable for use in the following materials: Board ply wood (BSP), Wood, Derived timber product, Hardwood, LVL, Softwood
  • Area of application: On rafter insulation, Roof, Element construction, Wet areas, Timber construction, Timber panel construction, Interior fitting, Structural woodwork
  • Additional accessory: Bit lock
  • Screw requiring approval: Yes
  • Approval: ETA-11/0190
  • RoHS-compliant: Yes

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Art.-no. Length End milling cutter Thread length (lg) Nominal diameter Quantity PU
100 mm Yes 60 mm 6 mm
100 pcs
120 mm Yes 70 mm 6 mm
100 pcs
150 mm Yes 70 mm 6 mm
100 pcs
80 mm Yes 50 mm 6 mm
100 pcs
50 mm 32 mm 6 mm
100 pcs

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00574 10 (2 spaces between the 4 and the 10)

Example 2: Screw with dimensions of 10x20 mm:
005710 20 (1 space between the 10 and the 20)

Example 3: Flat washer with an internal diameter of 6 mm:

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  • Corrosion resistance is five times greater than a yellow-galvanised surface (500 h in salt spray test as per DIN EN ISO 9227)

  • Its coating gives the ASSY screw a high-quality stainless steel appearance

  • Chrome-VI free

Asymmetrical thread

Prevents overturning and makes screwing in easy

AW drive

For perfect bit clamping

Milling pockets

For clean countersinking — including in fittings

End mill

For less friction on the shaft (with diameters of 5 mm or more and lengths of 70 mm or more)

Ring/counter thread

At the tip, enables screwing close to the edge


Screws may not be used for

  • Wood containing large amounts of tannic acid

  • Boiler-pressure impregnated wood

  • Direct weathering (utilisation class 3)

ASSY 3.0 chipboard screws are optimised for use in wooden materials. Use in plastic anchors may cause a reduction in the load-bearing capacity. Therefore, we recommend only using screws without optimised thread tips (drill tip, mating thread, ring thread, serrated edge, self-clearing groove etc.) in plastic anchors, e.g. ASSY D, DIN 571 hexagon wood screws or Wüpofast screws.

To attach metals to wood, machine a precise cut-out in the metal tab.

Available work documents:

Timber dimensioning software, load tables and detailed processing instructions can be found on the service page www.wuerth.de/assy.