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Crack detector spray
Crack detector spray - 1
Crack detector spray - 2
Crack detector spray - 3

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Crack detector spray

Perfect for detecting cracks and pores that may occur in non-porous materials during moulding, forging, or welding, or due to component wear, without the need for damaging tests.

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  • The product is simple and practical to use, using capillary action to penetrate cracks and pores in the material being inspected.

  • The product is composed of a cleaner, a penetrant, and a developer.


  • Easy-to-apply spray that makes cracks visible to the naked eye.

  • Allows you to detect and inspect cracks, pores, and defects in welding, forging, metal or cast-iron moulding, components, fittings, tools, surfaces, and structures.

  • Suitable for pipework, tanks, reservoirs, and heat exchangers.

  • Can be removed with water and solvents.

  • Free of sulphides and halogens.

  • Complies with the following standards: EN 571; EN ISO 3452-2; ASTM E1417; AMS 2644; ASME SEC V Art. 6; REACH.


  • Cleans quickly, saving time and water.

  • Simple, fast, accurate, and cost-effective inspection method, widely used by quality inspectors.

  • Spectacular results at an affordable price for customers looking to ensure that welded, forged or moulded materials, which may be difficult to inspect with the naked eye, are not cracked or porous.
Three step system consisting of:

0890 800 12 - Transparent Cleaner
0890 800 10 - Red Penetrant
0890 800 11 - White Developer / Indicator