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Diesel Biocide Treatment
Diesel Biocide Treatment - 1
Diesel Biocide Treatment - 2
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Diesel Biocide Treatment

A 4-in-1 diesel fuel system treatment for in-tank use that cleans, protects and increases diesel engine performance for all types of diesel engines.

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Active Biocide Protection

Provides protection against diesel fuel system bacterial contamination (commonly referred to as ‘diesel bug’)

  • Prevents ‘diesel bug’ related faults and break-downs occurring

  • Protects the diesel fuel quality during medium or long term vehicle storage

Cetane Improver

Increases the cetane rating of diesel fuel

  • More efficient starting both hot and cold

  • Lower fuel consumption

  • More efficient combustion


To assist in water seperation

  • Protects against corrosion

Injector cleaner

Injector cleaning capabilities help to maintain the condition of the entire fuel system

  • More power

  • Reduces fuel consumption

  • Protects against corrosion

250ml bottle is compatible with capless tanks


Mixing ratios: Do not exceed a mixing ratio of 1:250 (Mixing ratio relates to ‘treatment to diesel fuel’ mixing ratios.)

250ml → 62.5litres of fuel

1 litre → 250 litres

5 litres → 1250 litres fuel

20 litres → 5,000 litres fuel