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Synthetic corundum flap wheels

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Synthetic corundum flap wheels

Ideal for grinding in confined spaces e.g. in mould-making, container and apparatus engineering and pipeline construction.

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Gentle working with high material removal

Supple, soft abrasive flaps

Ideal in confined spaces

Easily resettable synthetic resin core facilitates optimal operation in confined spaces without damaging the work piece.


Flap wheels achieve optimal performance at a recommended cutting speed of 15–20 m/s. An ideal compromise between the removal rate, surface quality and temperature load of the work piece and the service life of the flap wheel. The maximum permissible rotation speed (min-1) must never be exceeded for safety reasons. Flexible shafts, electric and pneumatic straight grinders can be used as tool drives.

Service life and heat development:

The low contact pressure and circumferential speed increase the service life of the flap wheel and minimise the temperate load on the work piece.

Material removal:

Increasing the removal rate should be achieved by switching to a rougher grain rather than increasing the contact pressure.

Surface quality:

High cutting speeds with low contact pressure produce fine roughness. Increasing the contact pressure with low cutting speed increases the depth of roughness. The softer the material to be machined, the greater the depth of roughness (when using the same grain size).

Safety is only guaranteed if the clamping length is 15 mm and the specified maximum rotation speed for open shaft lengths is not exceeded. Follow general working and safety precautions.