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MBS HW cylinder saw
MBS HW cylinder saw - 1
MBS HW cylinder saw - 2
MBS HW cylinder saw - 3
MBS HW cylinder saw - 4
MBS HW cylinder saw - 5
MBS HW cylinder saw - 6
MBS HW cylinder saw - 7

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MBS HW cylinder saw

Multi-range saw for a precise and clean drilling pattern with low tolerances

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Available in 9 versions

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Exclusively for registered customers

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Prices for customers after login

Even CNC cut with cutting geometry specifically aligned to reduce cutting pressure

Precise, clean drill hole with low tolerances

Offset, optimised centre drill (GS-protected system)

  • Eliminates the need for laborious centre punching, as the drill can be centred without drifting off course

  • Reduced drilling force and over 50% reduction in drilling time coupled with lower power consumption (depending on the hand-held drill used)

Precise, optimally embedded seating of the cemented carbide teeth via a unique, fully automatic soldering process

High cutting performance with a long service life

Ejector spring

  • Protects shock-sensitive carbide teeth after pre-drilling when the drill bit enters the medium

  • Automatically ejects the drilled section ("drill core") when drilling is complete: Caution: Ejection spring can be used with materials up to 8 mm thick. With thicker materials, the spring must be removed. Otherwise, the cutting depth will be limited (spring is compressed).

Solid basic body with offset chip grooves

Optimum removal of chips, even with thicker materials: Caution: We nevertheless recommend "ventilating" the hole saw, i.e. stopping it and removing the chips, when working with material depths of 6 mm and greater. Work may then continue.

Separately tempered shank from∅ 32 mm

Compensation for the increasing ∅ torsional forces and torques associated with increasing diameters


Ensure that the cylinder saw is secure in the drill chuck. Avoid using the cylinder saw at an angle. Wear appropriate protective clothing, e.g. safety glasses, gloves etc. when working.


  • 19-55mm drill arbour replacement - Art.No. 06301201

  • 64mm drill arbor - Art.No. 06301202 replacement (available as Special Order only)