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Eye Protection | Keeping an eye on safety

Wurth has developed a range of practical and stylish protective eyewear to safeguard one of your most important sensory organs. Wurth Australia’s safety glasses (high visibility glasses, welding masks and safety goggles) protect your eyes from possible projections, heat, burns or damaging sunlight.

The eye is exposed to a variety of hazards that can be divided into three groups:

• Chemical (acids, bases, gases, vapours, mist, smoke)
• Mechanical (dust, foreign bodies)
• Optical (UV and IR radiation, glare from light)

Stylish & Superior Eyewear Safety

Only consistent wearing of face protection products guarantees protection against various workplace hazards. Wurth Protective Eyewear is characterized by a number of features and benefits to ensure maximum functionality and comfort:

• Designed to maximise coverage and protection
• Modern and sporty designs
• Tough and durable (scratch-resistant and impact-resistant)
• Unique coatings
• High UV protection

Taking responsibility for your Protective Eyewear

Eye protection is particularly important when working with dangerous substances. At Wurth Australia, you will find simple safety glasses, face shields, which also protect your mouth and nose from possible dangers, as well as full-vision goggles and welding helmets that meet all the requirements of the application. You will also find the right accessories for the care and maintenance of your protective eyewear so your eyes are reliably protected over the long term.

Wurth – Your partner for eye protection and face protection

Buy eyewear safety, face guards and PPE products from Wurth and benefit from our professional customer service. Let us help you choose the right protective eyewear for you – Speak to your Wurth Sales Representative or give our friendly Customer Service Team a call on 1300 65 77 65 (Mo- Fr from 8:30am-5pm).