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Personal protective equipment

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Personal Protective Equipment | The importance of Work Safety Gear

PPE for safety is important. But what exactly is it? In any work involving a certain degree of risk, it is necessary to use personal protective equipment PPE that is certified, allowing you to operate in complete safety. Whether it’s protecting the eyes, ears, hands, feet, head or lungs, Wurth Australia has a comprehensive range of PPE to suit the requirements of your industry.

Wurth – Experienced Specialist for PPE

Wurth Australia are specialists in PPE equipment. We proudly stock a comprehensive range of personal protective equipment that will keep you safe on the job. We have been delivering work safety gear for decades around the country that comply with category standards in performance and quality.

High Quality PPE – Delivering the highest level of protection

The Wurth PPE range of products deliver what they promise. Our customers can have absolute confidence in knowing that every item of personal protective equipment is fit-for-purpose, durable and reliable. All products are subjected to tougher testing by us than it will ever face in real applications.

Our stocked items include PPE for safety in all three category ratings:
• Hearing protection: From ear plugs to ear muffs to prevent irreversible hearing loss.
Eye protection: Safeguard one of your most important senses with safety glasses and other face protection products.
Face and respiratory protection: Protect your respiratory and lungs with disposable and/or reusable masks.
Hand protection: Extensive range of gloves, made of a large variety of materials for diverse work applications including mechanical work, work with chemicals and welding work.
Protective clothing: Including painter's overalls, high visibility vests and more.
Head protection: Protect yourself and your team against the physical integrity on the job with construction helmets and other head safety gear.