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Screw and bearing locking DOS rail

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Screw and bearing locking DOS rail

All related anaerobic products for the sector ready to hand in one rail. Ideal for the sanitary and electrics industries, for metalworking and woodwork workshops and the construction industry.

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Exclusively for registered customers

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Prices for customers after login

Clearly laid-out and orderly storage through use of storage rack

No time-consuming searches required. Quick overview of available materials.

DOS system

Practical one-handed use thanks to the clever turn lock.

You always have one hand free

Dispensing head with self-cleaning closure system.

No residue material in dispensing neck

Continuously adjustable dispensing system.

Dispensing can be adjusted to suit the application, and to keep consumption and costs to a minimum

Bellows-type bottle for high-viscosity materials.

Costs optimised thanks to emptying with virtually no remaining product


These products are exempt from mandatory warning symbols.

The material is applied in liquid form directly to the parts and then hardens into a toughened plastic after installation. It completely fills the gaps so that the resulting bonding provides excellent protection against corrosion from friction and protection against rust. A complete seal is achieved.


The following plastics can be affected in the event of longer exposure: ABS, celluloid, polystyrene, polycarbonate (Macrolon), PMMA (Plexiglas), polysulfone, SAN (lurane, Tyril), Vinidur, vulcan fibre and painted surfaces. We always recommend that you conduct your own tests.

The above application instructions are recommendations given on the basis of our own tests and experience. We recommend that you carry out your own tests before use. Due to the great variety of different applications and storage and processing conditions, we cannot guarantee a particular application result. We will not accept legal liability for any advice or technical information provided by our free customer hotline unless this advisory service and/or technical information is part of the contractually agreed performance owed by us, or the customer service employee acted willfully or intentionally. We guarantee the consistent quality of our products and reserve the right to make technical changes and improvements.