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Brake cleaner

Wurth Brake Cleaner | For cleaning and degreasing during maintenance and repair work

Work with the best and the safest. Wurth’s Brake and Parts Cleaner is known as providing customers all over the world with the best, most consistent high quality Brake Cleaner. With fast flash off and excellent properties, degreasing brakes and cleaning brakes and components is achieved with ease.

Market leader in providing optimum parts and surface cleaning

Over the years, Wurth has developed and constantly improved their acetone-free Brake Cleaner range to provide optimum parts and surface cleaning with fast evaporation. The product portfolio is also ideal when testing for oil leaks, finding engine numbers and before using adhesives as it leaves no residue.

All brake parts cleaner have excellent material and coating compatibility with paints, plastics, seals and rubber. It is AOX-free and silicone-free making it ideal for all panel environments. The consistent high quality chemical formulation makes the immense difference to competitor products, the reasons why Wurth is known for the Best Brake Cleaner on the market.

Practical and simple application

Using Wurth Brake Cleaner is easy. From the convenient 500ml or 700ml Brake Cleaner Can simply spray on the surfaces to be cleaned and wipe off with a clean cloth. If the surfaces are extremely dirty, it may be necessary to repeat the procedure. With innovative nozzles and 360’ degree valves, you can be assured of the best Brake Cleaner Spray.

If your purchasing needs mean you need more volume, Wurth Brake Cleaner is available in bulk. Bulk Brake Cleaner provided in safe and robust drums. Taps & Pump Bottles are also available for Wurth 20L Brake Cleaner.

For industries and workshops that follow strict fire precaution regulations, the Wurth Non-Flammable Brake Cleaner is your ideal solution. Due to its special safety formulation, the product eliminates the danger of fire and is therefore safe to use on sites where a non-flammable cleaner is required.