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Hearing protection

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Hearing Protection | Prevent hearing loss

Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common occupational impairments. In most cases, hearing loss develops gradually and is painless and therefore the damage is often recognised too late.
The targeted use of suitable hearing protection products protects your hearing from irreversible damage. Earmuffs and earplugs within this category offer superior ear protection from work related hazards and reduce the impact of noise pollution.

Ear Protection – To be worn during the entire noise exposure period

By consistently wearing ear protection, you can prevent noise-related damage to your hearing. To be effective, hearing protection must be worn during the entire period of exposure to noise. A 3 dB increase in noise means a doubling of the noise energy. For example: 20 hours of work at a noise level of 88 dB (A) produces the same harmful effect as 10 hours of work at a noise level of 91 dB (A).

Ear Health is Top Priority

Unfortunately worksite noise cannot be prevented, so hearing protection products must be given high priority. Many people underestimate this risk of ongoing loud noises and therefore long-term damage only becomes noticeable after several years of exposure. By wearing quality ear blockers, you can effectively prevent loss of hearing sensitivity. Be aware of workplace risks and use hearing protection products from Wurth Australia. Simply order online and benefit from fast and easy delivery.