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Hose clamps and other clamp types

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Wurth Hose Clamps | For precise and tight connection of hoses

Hoses are made of flexible material and have many advantages. They are often used in the sanitary sector as well as the automotive and mechanical engineering industries. Due to their flexibility, hoses are often difficult to connect to fixed components. This is where the help of Wurth fastening clamps come in handy. You can easily connect the end of the hose to a water connection or other fixed material. As a rule, the inside diameter of the clamp can be individually adjusted by you to seal the connection immediately.

Whether it’s for a pipe, hose or traffic sign – Find the right hose clamp in the Wurth eShop

A hose clamp band can be reduced in diameter with an adjusting screw until the hose clamp is firmly attached. In the case of hoses that are exposed to high pressure and temperature fluctuations, a corrugated spring is recommended. You do not have to laboriously re-adjust as you can tension it yourself.

The somewhat simpler variant is the pipe clamp, also known as the mounting clamp. The clamp is equipped with a rubber profile which absorbs vibrations perfectly. The soundproofing property is another advantage for you.

Other Hose Clamp options to complement our range

In addition to these variants, you can also use other hose clamp models. For example, the screw-less model enables you to work precisely even in the smallest of spaces. Spring band clamps are also good to use for this purpose. In addition to this, the assembly time and the sealing are reduced for you – even with very high temperature fluctuations.

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