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Protective Clothing| No Compromise on Quality

In certain working conditions, wearing safety workwear is required by law. People who work in road construction, public utilities, haulage companies, garbage disposal or on airstrips are obliged to wear quality safety wear. High-visibility clothing is also necessary in road traffic, rail traffic, by rescue services and the police.

The Importance of Safety Clothing

The reason for this is clear. Protective clothing offers more visibility and therefore more safety in dangerous situations. The wearer should stand out and be seen under all circumstances – both day and night.

Ensuring a save working environment | Protective Clothing from Wurth

Keeping Wurth customers safe in the workplace is our number one priority. Wurth Australia stocks a range of safety wear including Disposable Protective Clothing and Painting Overalls suitable for protection against particles, dust and liquid splashes. Wurth Safety Clothing can be matched with Overshoes and worn in automotive and body workshops, during paintwork and surface treatments, industrial cleaning and within the chemical industries.

Other industries where safety workwear is essential includes: Construction, Mining, Printing, Wood processing, Agriculture and Waste disposal.

To ensure sufficient overall protection, Wurth recommends to combine their Personal Protective Clothing with Personal Protective Equipment such as Breathing Protection, Protective Eyewear, Safety Gloves and Hearing Protection.
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